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All the Time in the World: A Time Travel Trip to End Your Guilt Trip

Travel in time to lose your regrets so you don’t have to spend more time guilt-tripping and overthinking, and be overly careful in your life now. That means that you will be able to relax and trust your choices more after watching Mindflix.

What is Mindflix?

Mindflix is a transformational audio journey with a powerful narrative that can be customized. It has immersive cinematographic music and stunning sound effects, so you will let your imagination play the movie. You will watch the movie on your mind's screen with your eyes closed.

Mindflix is not just a mind movie. It’s a guided healing session in the form of a story. My voice will be the voice in your head. You simply relax and let me take you on an adventure to end your painful regrets while experiencing adventures you can't have in your daily life.

What is All the Time in the World about?

All the Time in the World will take you on a journey to the past and future, visiting forgotten and unimaginable places. You will interact with other characters from your real life, travel in a time capsule, and go on a hero's journey without leaving your house.

The time capsule is waiting for you...

What should you expect?

End guilt and trust yourself again

  • End the guilt that keeps you regretting, self-punishing, and being overly cautious in life.
  • Relax deeply, knowing you can trust your choices.

Have fun doing inner work

  • Have a fun experience watching a unique story about your life.
  • Save money on travel and go on your own adventure tonight.

Re-watch anytime

  • Re-watch whenever guilt appears in your life or even just for fun or new self-discovery; each time the story will be different because every time your thoughts and what's alive in you change.

All The Time in The World (Mindflix #1)

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What will you get

Mindflix #1: All the Time in the World (MP3)

A 50-minute, one-of-a-kind cinematic audio-guided experience that you can customize. You will also receive a transcript (e-book) of the movie, just in case you missed something while listening and want to go back to check.

Insight Journal (editable PDF)

Remember all the insights and answers you gave in the story by writing them down right after your adventure. Then go deeper, and discover something new about your own story in your life now

Soundtrack MP3

You can download the soundtrack from the movie 'Already Flying' to remind yourself about your journey.

Unique analysiss

Read your unique analysis of your story in the insight journal

Video introduction

I will explain to you exactly how to watch and how to personalize your Mindflix.

Lifetime access to lose your regrets

Re-watch Mindflix anytime you want to relax, get deeper insights about your life story, or feel guilty and want to feel a bit freer in your life.

Travel Through Time to Arrive to Timelessness

Mindflix is a transformational audio journey that feels like watching a movie about your life.

What people are saying

Artboard 1

One of the most impactful things of my life

I just did Mindflix. Speechless. One of the most impactful things of my life. It's like therapy, cinema, and deep existential integration all at once.

Balled my eyes out at multiple points, lol. It was literally the exact message I needed. It integrated with all my dream experiences so seamlessly that I even knew at many points what was coming. To the point where it's crazy and freaky the way everything links together, and I wonder if you're a sorcerer from the future who got into my head or if it's me doing this.

— Alex shailer, nonduality informed coaching

Artboard 1

Wow, I’m really, really impressed! I’m shocked!

Wow, I’m really impressed! I don’t know what to say. It’s just a beautiful beautiful story. I’m thinking a lot. It’s so strange how your movie came into my life at this moment, It is full of messages, wisdom, and I really thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I’m sure you will help a lot of people with this story, you will change lives! It’s a movie to watch again and again. It's very well written and creative. Wow, I’m really, really impressed! I’m shocked! I normally don’t see how the present is a gift and the only real thing, and you say it so simply. I love it so much! 

— Francisco Valencia Sandoval, writer

Artboard 1

I was on a guilt trip of not being productive.

I was deeply touched by reading about the significance of my first experience [Insight Journal]. I chose to do this today as I was on a guilt trip of not being productive. I feel that the signification I've discovered were words that were said so softly and benevolently like from an angel directly into my heart ❤️ and I was so ready to listen and absorb the truth of it all. It carried me from the old story to a new perspective(a mind shift happened), and I commit to nurturing more and more. The observer is really in place in my life, but it was attracted to feed the character of the story instead of opening space for my being. I am simply delighted that our paths crossed. I needed this so MUCH RIGHT NOW!

— Gi-Gi Michaud, Your new Canadian client of 73 years young!

Artboard 1

This approach is very liberating!

My favorite part was the orange sunset at the roof top of a building, followed by a beautiful flight over the town listening to a beautiful song. I love your singing btw.

I see how certain answers I’ve given say a little about me at this moment in time (present moment), and I also understand that they do not define me or give some sort of freudian analyses about my subconscious but are subject to change with time passing by, which I like. I think this approach is very liberating.

I will definitively listen to it again in some time to see what will be different.


— Helena Sojat

Artboard 1

Really amazing journey!

I was able to watch the movie today and it was such a wonderful journey. I love that you deliver the message through a story. And the use of the music was wonderful too! I definitely think that this is something I would love to listen to repeatedly when I need to remind myself about how important the present is. I am also looking forward to seeing how my answers to the analysis change over time! Really amazing journey, thank you!

— Kelsey Andrews, Counselor for the suicide hotline

Artboard 1

It was soul-touching

It’s such a beautiful story, and I’m completely shocked at how professionally the movie was done! And your singing! It was so soul-touching, I can still hear the melody in my head. I’m sure I will listen again!! 


— Vrata M HR professional

Artboard 1

I was in the movie! I felt everything!

This movie was such an amazing experience. I was in the movie! I felt everything. Even in the time capsule I felt the fear running through my body. It was wild. Haha And your voice!!! So angelic. I love your singing. 

Thank you so much for this because I’ve been struggling lately with life and this really helped. I love how you opened my eyes to the illusion of the ideal future self. It’s infused in every self help modality. "Envision your future self blah blah blah." It’s infuriating because now I see how it created this perfect self that I was always striving to be and not being her was driving me crazy. And I don’t think I’ll ever be her, but that’s ok. I’m cool with it now.

Going through the analysis was sad. I realized I’m not living. I have been so focused on my past mistakes and hoping my future isn’t  filled with the same mistakes that I was living a blah life. Not present at all. I spent all day just looking around at life. Being here in reality and enjoying my time. It was peaceful and I felt more involved than I had in a long time. This was an epic eye opening adventure. I know it’s something I’m going to go back to again and again. 

— Nadine Rodriguez

Artboard 1

The insights from the questions were like delightful surprises

I just watched Mindflix "All the Time in the World". It was a very open, freeing experience. You were right that it was going to be like watching and being engrossed in a film. For example, the feeling of interaction, the sunset, the feel of flying were so real. And also experienced anxiety when first enclosed in the egg - claustrophobia - being trapped and possibly not being released. The sense of being on a train. Vivid. I enjoyed completing the questions. I felt alternative answers arising, but went with the first immediate answer. I guess that means to repeat to see what else comes up! 

The insights from the questions were like delightful surprises. I am grateful to you for creating this and grateful to myself for not denying myself the experience or putting it off. Overall it did cause me to contemplate on how much past stories and perceived need to fill certain roles take me out of the present. And when I can Be in the moment, how freeing it is. How it opens an inner spring to come flowing out.

I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the song and its meaning. And the questionnaire and guide following provided some valuable insights into what is going on for me at this time.

Also looking forward to the release of your book!

— Tom Ossman

Artboard 1

Mindflix opened a new door for me.

First of all, I want to thank you. It was such an engaging experience. Although it was new for me, it felt very easy and natural, like I was used to it. I happened to listen to guided meditations a few times in the past, but can't say I've become a big fan of those. On the contrary, Mindflix opened a new door to me. It gave me a feeling as I have had a real journey, in the comfort of my own home.

The quality of the recording is very high. I liked the background music very much; it felt like a real movie! The story itself was compelling; I wanted to know what would happen next. I felt that my eyes got wet at the end of the story.

Maybe a couple of hours after watching the movie, I got a very curious insight. You see, a significant part of my life at this period is filled with pretty mundane activities: walking my younger kid to/from school, cooking, cleaning, shopping, checking homework... And I often feel like I am trapped in this routine, unsatisfied with a feeling that I am not achieving anything, not making a difference. But suddenly I realized that it was ok. I realized that I didn't need to rush and look forward to completing these activities to start something more exciting, but to relax and enjoy the ride. Like it is not me who is jumping from place to place, but the circumstances themselves are moving, like the pictures in the window of a train, things that need to be done are passing to me and from me, and I am standing at one point, observing myself taking care of each of them once they show up. But even while standing at one point (like sitting in a train), I am still moving from a bigger perspective (together with the train), moving through my life, through the lives of my kids (who will pretty soon be old enough to take care of themselves), through the lives of my other loved ones. So I never really stuck, I never really stay still, so I can stop worrying about it and enjoy and appreciate what I am doing at the moment since I have chosen to have it in my life in the first place.

— Marina K

All The Time in The World (Mindflix #1)
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You will get a ZIP (117MB) file