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All The Time in The World (Mindflix #1)
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Travel in time to lose your regrets so you don’t have to spend more time guilt-tripping and overthinking, and be overly careful in your life now. That means that you will be able to relax and trust your choices more after watching this very first Mindflix.

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What is All the Time in the World about?

Ever try being more present but end up on a guilt trip instead, thanks to those sneaky regrets — like words left unsaid, wrong choices or paths not taken—haunt you at 3 AM? 

Or maybe even find yourself rolling your eyes every time someone tells you to 'just be in the now’? If the pressure of soaking up the 'now' has you tangled in knots, you're in for a treat. 

You're minding your own business when, bam, you're suddenly whisked away to a mysterious place and encounter a genius scientist who has invented a time capsule designed to take you on an extraordinary trip.

All the Time in the World will take you on a journey to the past and future, visiting forgotten and unimaginable places. You will interact with other characters from your real life, travel in a time capsule, and go on a hero's journey without leaving your house.

This journey is not about changing yourself, your past, or your future, but about realizing the profound, unexpected freedom that lies in life as it is right now.


  • Mindflix MP3 (All The Time In The World, 50 mins)
  • Customization of your story
  • Insight Journal fillable workbook
  • A movie soundtrack with a trippy journey for a mind trip
  • Movie transcription (e-book)

Artboard 1

Wow, I’m really impressed! I don’t know what to say. It’s just a beautiful beautiful story. I’m thinking a lot. It’s so strange how your movie came into my life at this moment, It is full of messages, wisdom, and I really thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I’m sure you will help a lot of people with this story, you will change lives! It’s a movie to watch again and again. It's very well written and creative. Wow, I’m really, really impressed! I’m shocked! I normally don’t see how the present is a gift and the only real thing, and you say it so simply. I love it so much! 

— Francisco Valencia Sandoval, writer

Artboard 1

One of the most impactful things of my life

I just did Mindflix. Speechless. One of the most impactful things of my life. It's like therapy, cinema, and deep existential integration all at once. Balled my eyes out at multiple points, lol. It was literally the exact message I needed.

— Alex shailer,

nonduality informed coaching

Artboard 1

It is incredible how the life of a character can touch you and affect you in such a way that you feel so identified. How beautiful work! Practically this story summarizes all your work and the message you've taught all your life: everything that you have taught in your videos and in your coaching sessions but wrapped in a beautiful sensitive story.

And how beautiful is your music! I love your music! Thank you so much, Liv!

— Fidencio Lopez Alvarez,

Web developer