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21 Questions to Deepen Your Purpose

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21 Questions to Deepen Your Purpose is an immersive guided meditation that will take you to your sacred island to have a conversation with a deeper part of yourself. Listen anytime you feel uninspired or feel you are lacking direction or purpose in your life.

How to listen? Follow these exact instructions:

  • Download the MP3 below onto your device
  • ​Create a peaceful space for 21 mins and light a candle.
  • Sit straight, close your eyes, and let me guide you on this deeply immersive journey.

 When finished, you will be asked to write down three things when you finish, so have a notepad or journal handy.

Many people’s purpose is shaped (in thoughts) entirely around "who they want to become and why”, rather than simply using creative expression of what they already are. This guided meditation is about deepening by noticing. About revealing the unexpected. Your purpose is simply discovered while on the move, for no other reason than to see what happens.

Bon voyage!

You will get a MP3 (39MB) file